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The CoolJack Kennel team proudly presents litter "N". These are children from the youngest yet already renowned kennel couple. 

⚜️Dad: Polyarnyy Ymal Gyvay
Best junior winner and JUNIOR EUROPEAN WINNER 2021, Hungaria Junior Champion, Moscow Junior Winner 2020, Moscow Junior Winner 2021, JCh Rus, JCh RKF, Ch Rus, Ch RKF, National Breed Club Ch candidate.

⚜️Mom: Szarisza 
Is “Top dog 20” in the ranking2021 of the National breed club, Junior Grand Ch Rus, Junior winner "Budapest Grand Prix Winner Show" 2021, Moscow JWinner 2020, Moscow JWinner 2021, JCh Rus, JCh RKF, JCh National Breed Club, Ch Rus, Ch RKF. 

Both parents have test results: HDA, ED0, BAER +/+, XL-PRA clear.

We are looking for those who understand the value of a pedigreed dog as a family member and are ready to pay attention to their puppy. Best case scenario — those who live an active lifestyle (although yakutian huskies are considered to be a calm breed, they still require daily, fully-fledged walks). Wish you the best of luck in choosing truly your dog!

Our kennel doesn't shoot for the large litter number. We believe that our biggest responsibility is to provide the maximum love, socialisation and human attention to every puppy. Their health is also a big priority for us since it is the first months of a dog's life when a foundation for their well-being and longevity is laid. 

Finally, we care about who gets our children and how they get them. Therefore, we formed some rules for a puppy purchase. 

A puppy leaves the kennel:

  • at least at 2 months old, when the first set of the most important vaccines is made (Eurican Primo and Eurican DHPPI2-L) and the immune response is formed. 
  • a Bayer test can be made if the future owners ask to (not included in the puppy's price).
  • with the unique RKF/FCI tattoo and the identity chip made with all EU's requirements and RKF's recommendations. 
  • with a sale contract, an international veterinary passport of European standard and a Puppy Card. The new owner will have to exchange the Puppy Card for the Certificate of Origin for Dogs within 15 months from birth. 
  • at the owner's request, the kennel can provide some help with exchanging the Puppy Card for the Certificate of Origin for Dogs, including for the puppy's transportation abroad.

Since we get a lot of similar questions about delivery costs, we decided to list the basic info here, provided by the official carrier with good history, high reliability and yet reasonable prices — AnimalImpex.

You can always choose your own carrier. We always welcome direct communication between the carrier and the future owner, formal delivery and treatment with care! 

We rely on the services of only the official carriers which have a lot of positive reviews. We are ready to recommend them and take the shipment organisation matters on ourselves. 

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